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Building on more than 20 years of music retailing, we specialise in new and used pianos.

“(The piano is) able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal and vibrating air.” - Kenneth Miller

Whether you are looking for the perfect piano for your new home or aren’t even sure where to find a teacher, we believe that buying a piano should be fun and we aim to make this a reality by providing friendly and honest service.

On our anniversary in 2018 we purchased a warehouse in Burwood to offer a larger selection of second-hand pianos to keep up with customer demand. We saw this as an opportunity to also expand our music school and have recently completed new music studios at this location.

We believe that music education is incredibly important - at every age! What does it take to develop a lifetime love of music for your children?

  1. Surround your child with music at every opportunity. If you’d like specific advice on how to best support your child’s learning then please don’t hesitate to call us for a chat. For very young children: gymnastics and dance classes (or any activity encouraging movement to music) is an excellent place to start.

  2. Find a good teacher that can communicate well with your children to spark their interest and keep them motivated over the long-term.

    We have purpose-built music studios in Burwood so that we can offer talented and qualified local teachers to our customers.

  3. Purchase a quality piano. This doesn’t mean that you need to remortgage your home! Simply that you select a well-built and properly serviced piano capable of a large range of musical expression. This will mean that whether your children are playing powerful and intense classical music, soft pop songs or punchy and bright jazz licks, the piano will be working with them rather than resisting their efforts!

    We are proud to offer some of the best brands in the industry and always stock a wide-range of sizes and styles in the hope that we can support you with this part of your journey.

If you have any music school or general piano enquires please visit us in Vermont South or Burwood - we look forward to meeting you!

Our Vermont South showroom pre-renovation

Our Vermont South showroom pre-renovation