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The never-ending evolution

Roland’s quest to build the ultimate electronic piano started soon after the company was founded in 1972. Back then, much of the technology didn’t exist so we had to invent it.

Early highlights included developing Japan’s first all-electronic combo piano, the world’s first touch-sensitive keyboard, and even co-developing the MIDI language that allows all electronic musical instruments to talk to each other. All the while, we have refined the sound and touch to satisfy the stage and practice needs of world-class pianists.

We also strive to design pianos that look as good as they sound; from classically-styled grand and upright pianos, to contemporary pianos with a stylish flat-top cabinet or a cutting-edge metallic body. Even though there is no end to mastering the art of piano making, we’re excited to see what lies ahead.

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Roland FP-30
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Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity
— Roland company slogan
Jun-ichi Miki, Roland CEO and Representative Director

Jun-ichi Miki, Roland CEO and Representative Director

A message froM Roland’s CEO:

There are many ways to appreciate music—the joy of creating an original song, the sense of fulfillment while playing an instrument, having a good time making music with your friends, singing something you love—the list goes on. Our mission at Roland is to bring the thrill and excitement of creative experiences to imaginative people all over the world.

To achieve this we will make greater efforts to develop even better musical instruments and to create more opportunities and places for people to enjoy the experience of making music.

Roland has a rich history of innovation including several “world’s first” electronic musical instruments and professional A/V products. Every time we open a door, a new possibility is waiting for us. This is why we commit to taking on new challenges and how we’ve continued to successfully leverage our prominent technology and global business presence for more than 40 years.

Above all, to stand out as a company that resonates with our customers, from professional to amateur, to music fans and creative people around the world, we will always do our best as a “Game Changer” and create new value by taking great leaps of imagination and vision.