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Since 1845

RÖNISCH is one of the oldest and most famous piano manufacturers in Germany. From 1845 to the present day, the first class instruments manufactured by RÖNISCH are based on the long-standing traditions of artisan craftsmanship and catering to a sophisticated audience.

We are proud to be the exclusive dealers for RÖNISCH upright and grand pianos in Victoria.

RÖNISCH pianos are available in six different size models to suit every need with many variations in cabinetry and finishing also available.

In modern times, rather than outsourcing piano production to cheaper parts of the world, RÖNISCH have focused on improving their production techniques and efficiency. Since 2009 they now share a facility in Leipzig with another piano manufacturer but operate independently ensuring that they can continue to live up to the expectations established by their history of global success. RÖNISCH continues to produce world-class pianos with their unique voice and gorgeous cabinetry.

Unlike other German manufacturers who have gradually modified their tone over the years to be more and more like the American piano sound, RÖNISCH have stuck to what made them successful in the first place: a powerful and direct German tone - yet lifted by a unique colour and sweetness thanks to their use of premium Abel hammers.


Whatever style of music you enjoy, RÖNISCH pianos are all built to a single quality level. This focus creates an instrument that offers an enormous range of expression for musicians. RÖNISCH pianos bring life to any music whether it is in the style of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Bud Powell, Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, Norah Jones, or Alicia Keys!


Roenisch piano range:


Model 118

Surprising depth and range of sound in a classic European contemporary studio upright piano.

The perfect instrument for any piano enthusiast who appreciates the quality and richness of a German piano at home.

For discerning audiences who value European design and a timeless, distinguished aesthetic.

Model 125

Exceptional clarity of pitch and lengthened sustain join to form a truly impressive sonority and richness.

As an alternative to the production-line Japanese student pianos, this popular model offers pianists access to a powerful tone and enormous range of expression at home.

Without the addition of plastic components, common among Japanese manufacturers, this piano helps to develop not just ideal technique but also encourages students to achieve finer subtleties in musical expression.


Model 132

Massive bass power and crystalline treble projection attain the ultimate in musical variety and nuance.

Offering optimum expression for the most ambitious pianists, the Model 132 is a popular option in place of smaller grand pianos.


Model 175

RÖNISCH grand pianos are crafted to the highest standards, they are the expression of a cultured lifestyle.

The Model 175 is the smallest grand piano that can still offer a balanced and sustained tone. The perfect piano for diploma-level studies or to compliment a carefully curated home.


Model 186

Fitting for all circumstances, suiting the piano enthusiast as well as the professional pianist who does not wish to forego a full concert sound.

A popular model for any serious music teaching environment where a robust and powerful instrument is required that can withstand the demands of classical music performance.


Model 210

An ideal instrument for intimate concerts or as a solo instrument for professional performances in smaller venues.

A perfect option for schools with a long-term vision. One of the most versatile concert instruments available, an excellent way to bring the German piano sound to your institution.