Wilh. Steinberg


Over 140 years of piano-making heritage has been built on the precious passing on of experience and expertise gained by generation after generation of master craftsmen. Craftsmen, who have toiled to harmonise modern piano making techniques with traditional ones to ensure that the musical perfection and production quality of WILH. STEINBERG pianos remains an ongoing legacy


Why choose Wilh Steinberg?

The S series pianos enjoy the fruits of WILH. STEINBERG’s 140 year experience of exceptional piano making mastery. To date, it has produced over three million grand pianos and upright pianos that incorporate Renner hammers and actions.

Each WILH. STEINBERG piano is guaranteed to offer a beautiful, precise sound quality that will faithfully reproduce each nuanced characteristic of the performer’s unique interpretation.


Renner Hammers

Renner’s 125-year history has not only resulted in the prominence of its name, but also the development and advancement of German piano making industry as well.

Throughout its history, Renner has been building on its artistic legacy, propelling the Renner name to international acclaim. WILH. STEINBERG pianos only use Renner hammers for the outstanding resonance they produce, providing a superior sound quality and long lasting durability that you can literally feel in your finger tips.


Röslau Strings

While Röslau strings are considered expensive, their high performance and outstanding sound quality have made them a favourite with internationally renown piano makers.

Its biggest feature, is that during tensile strength tests, compared to other strings in the same class, Röslau strings exhibit 10% greater tensile strength, making it less likely for them to deform or change properties due to the stresses of playing.

One of the reasons is that the surface of each string is exceptionally smooth and its circumference is almost perfectly round. Therefore, these strings produce excellent sound with significantly less distortion.


German Kluge Keyboards

The world’s most historic and most traditional piano key manufacturer designs the most extraordinary keyboards. These keyboards guarantee the mesmerising and distinctive sound quality of WILH. STEINBERG pianos.

The keyboard is a vital link between the performer’s mental interpretation and the piano’s rendition, and affords the performer with the purist of tactile feedback. Black keys are made from ebony that has a density of up to 1.3g/cm3 and produces a smoother, more comfortable feel.


Signature Series


Signature Series

From design to production, each stage is carefully and painstakingly managed and supervised by the WILH. STEINBERG factory in Germany.

WILH STEINBERG has taken Germany’s famous piano craftsmanship and utilised its ability for meticulous material selection to create our signature series.

This has resulted in a piano that is desired by the world’s top collectors.


Performance Series


Performance Series

The new Performance Series range was created to ensure that young families and students could have an opportunity to enjoy the tone and quality of the unique WILH. STEINBERG piano design.

A re-finish at the Eisenberg factory in Germany ensures an intensive sound experience. Along with German hammerheads and a traditional design, the Performance Series offers exceptional pianos at an attractive price.

Keep the legacy,
Continue the history

Crown series and Performance series instruments are made with the careful design and close supervision from WILH. STEINBERG in collaboration with Parson’s Music.

What does Parsons have to offer?

Parsons is a piano manufacturer and retail giant in China. They have 100 of their own stores and partner with over 500 more retailers of pianos in mainland China. They employ over 5000 people and export to over 24 countries! They own their own soundboard forest of Alaskan spruce in northern Canada. They even own their own sawmills and cast iron foundries for building pianos. With a dozen manufacturing facilities, Parsons Music has been propelled to the world stage. They manufacture pianos and piano parts for many companies globally.

But their interest isn’t simply in manufacturing.

Believe it or not, Parsons had humble beginnings as a piano teaching studio that soon became a piano retailer and eventually a manufacturer. Those roots in music subsequently have led to annual education of 35,000 students, master classes, multiple music festivals and even the Hong Kong Music Teachers Union. They have established a music foundation and scholarships for musical education. They are substantially invested in the advancement of music.

The WILH. STEINBERG team with Parsons directors at the Eisenberg piano factory in Germany

The WILH. STEINBERG team with Parsons directors at the Eisenberg piano factory in Germany