Pre-loved Pianos

We have a large range of second-hand pianos available to view by appointment. More details below:

We have a large range of second-hand pianos available to view by appointment. More details below:


Some of our most popular second-hand models include Yamaha U1-series, Yamaha U3-series including U3H, U3M & U3A, UX & YUX, YU3 & YU5; Kawai BL61 & BL71, Kawai upright-grand pianos US50 & US55, US65, US7X; Yamaha grands such as C1, C2, C3 & C5; G1, G2, G3 & G5; Kawai RX and GX series grand pianos, and many more.

Please give us a call to enquire about our current range


Below are some examples of our most popular Yamaha and Kawai models:

Yamaha U3A - 131cm upright


Yamaha YUS - 121cm upright

Kawai US50 - 132cm upright


Yamaha U1M - 121cm upright


Our selection process

Our second-hand piano range consists exclusively of Japanese-made pianos that have passed through our careful selection process (detailed below) in order to ensure their suitability for musicians up to diploma level studies.

How do we select our pianos?

The first step was to build relationships with only the most trusted suppliers. To ensure that our expectations would be understood our head technician, Leo, has made several visits to our suppliers in Japan.

When we are ready to import pianos, a selection process begins with the Japanese-based supplier gradually selecting pianos that fit our strict criteria. Our biggest supplier has more than 2,000 second-hand pianos in stock at any given time, and yet due to the standards we expect it can sometimes take us several months to select up to 30 pianos to import. Of course, we only take 'A' grade instruments across all categories.

Once the pianos arrive in Melbourne, they are inspected again by our own technicians. At this point, if they are confirmed to offer great control through the keyboard and an exceptional tone, then they will receive our full 15-year warranty so that customers can feel confident and know that their investment is protected over the long-term compared to other second-hand or trade-in pianos.

Platinum Selection Certificate.png

When is a piano not good enough?

The most common examples of pianos that will fail at the first or second selection stages: any instrument that have suffered extensive use in schools or institutions, pianos that have been neglected (leading to the action becoming stiff or the frame and pin-block adjusting to a lower tension), or any pianos that have been subject to extreme changes in humidity.

If a piano simply has an unpleasant tone or uneven feel to the keyboard, it will also fail at the second stage of our inspection process.


15-years is a long time

If you’re not interested in getting technical (and I wouldn’t blame you, learning about the technical side of pianos can get very complicated very quickly) then we hope that our full 15-year warranty on all of our second-hand pianos helps you to understand the efforts we’ve taken to select these instruments. We’re simply that confident that they will stand the test of time. If you have absolutely any issues with your piano, whether that’s two months after delivery or in 2034, then please pick up the phone (assuming we still use phones in 2034!) and we’ll get it resolved for you as quickly as possible. Our warranty covers absolutely everything so you can have peace-of-mind knowing that you’ll never miss your 5:00am scales practice.


What about new pianos?

Of course, there’s something to be said for purchasing a brand-new instrument. We have a range of new pianos suitable for all levels and budgets. Purchasing a new piano is an investment that your grandchildren (or great-grandchildren) will be able appreciate. If you’d like to read about our selection of new pianos, you can start by clicking one of the logos on the right: