Hupfeld 132 E

Hupfeld 132 E

from 21,950.00

The flagship piano of Hupfeld’s upright line-up. This classic full-sized upright offers an enormous soundboard and string-length to allow for a large dynamic range as well as a colourful and singing tone across the entire keyboard, even when playing the softest pianissimos.

Hupfeld have proven themselves many times over the years as one of Germany’s most reliable piano manufacturers and their new Europe range is designed to offer a nuanced and expressive traditional German tone within a price-point normally reserved for cheaper Japanese student pianos. This is done without any significant sacrifice in quality or design by making the strung backs and cabinets in Romania before the key and action assembly, final regulation, voicing, and inspection is all completed in the RÖNISCH factory in Leipzig, Germany.

This model is available finished in classic ebony/black polish or a rich mahogany polish.


  • Height: 132 cm/ 52 inches

  • Width: 150 cm/ 59 inches

  • Depth: 61 cm/ 24 inches

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