Hupfeld 160 E

Hupfeld 160 E


100% European baby-grand piano

Finished at the Rönisch factory in Leipzig, Germany.

This is the entry into the Hupfeld grand-piano line-up and thanks to its wide-tail design, just by listening to this gorgeous piano, you would have no idea that it is only a baby at 160cm (5’3”) long. It sounds like a much larger grand piano because this unique wide-tail design allows for a significantly larger soundboard and a longer bass-string length. Not only that but the expanded rim has allowed the bridge placement to be carefully redesigned for optimum sustain and depth of tone.

This is the perfect option for any music enthusiast that values a warm and balanced sound, enjoys using a wooden action (no plastic!) and appreciates the subtle differences in craftsmanship and quality between a hand-made European instrument and a production-line Japanese student piano.

Available in classic black polish.


  • Length: 160 cm

  • Width: 151 cm

  • Height: 102 cm

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